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We are a Compliance, Risk and Operations Consultancy providing high quality resources and project support for Buy Side & Sell Side Firms. Our aim is to ensure that companies make the best of their human and digital resources.

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Helping Asset Managers look to the future with some “help” from the regulators.

Technology plays such an important part in today’s world. Smartphone banking apps, “robo-advice” and other tools are all at our fingertips. Consumers want the most up-to-date, simple, yet effective digital technology – and they want it now. Innovative companies launch new and exciting products to market as quickly as possible and look to enhance those products as technology advances.

Latest Insights / Innovations

GDPR Compliance Services

At the risk of irritation, many GDPR briefings are heavy in frequency, but perhaps light on clarity and usefulness. So, together with our friends at Pelicam, we venture a little warily into the GDPR den and offer a view and a few pragmatic recommendations that we hope will be well received by our community of Intelligent Project experts.


We help firms handle surges of activity with managed resource, and recruit for senior-level, specialist roles



We deliver action-oriented, tailored solutions that help firms meet regulatory requirements


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